04 11 / 2011

Last weekend I visited two islands of the Venetian lagoon, Murano and St. Michele. Murano is known as “the glass island” because people there specialize in glassblowing. The legend is that when these glassblowers lived in Venice, they kept burning down houses by accident, so they were told that they had to live on a¬†separate¬†island. So, now they do. I got to go into a glass blowing factory and watch the process of glassblowing and it is awesome! We all ate at a small outdoor restaurant and I tried squid ink pasta. Sounds gross but it actually wasn’t too bad. From there, we visited St. Michele, Venice’s cemetery island. Originally a prison island, St. Michele is now an entire island made up of tombs. It sounds a little creepy, but it is actually the most peaceful cemetery I’ve ever been to. You can see the great amount of time that is put into making each tombstone perfect. We happened to visit just as the sun was setting, making it that much more beautiful.

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